Search Tips

Google can do much more than simple searches.  You can also use Google to . . . 

Search for an exact string of words

Exclude words or phrases

  • Dogs -cats
    Returns pages that have the word "dog" but not the word "cat."

Use a wildcard word

Note: Google does not accept wildcard letters (for example, danc* 
for dance, dancing, or dancer); instead it automatically searches for
different forms of the same word.

Find words in the title of a webpage

Define a word

Do simple calculations

Convert Measurements

Get Sports schedules and scores

Set a timer

Check the time somewhere else

Get a range of numbers, dates, etc

Search within a site

Transate a word

Search for a file type

Search for information about notable people

Find out when something will happen

Check the weather

 et cetera 
(these only work in some browsers)

Google Image Search Tricks

Once you've conducted an image search, click on "Search Tools" to access advances options. These include:

  • Usage Rights: find photos that can be legally re-used with or without attribution.
  • Color: Imagine the image you're looking for - what are its dominant colors?
  • Type: Need a line drawing? A photograph? An animated GIF?
  • Size: If you're looking for a large background image, limit your search to large photos


Google Map Tricks

  • Time travel with Google Street View.
    What was here before? Click on the date in the top left corner to see previous images from this site.
  • Measure a distance
    Right click anywhere on the map and select "Measure Distance," then left-click on another point.
  • Take street view offroad
    Climb El Capitan, visit the pyramids of Giza, and float through Venice's canals here.

Search engines, advertising, and privacy

Other Search Engines

  • Bing

    Microsoft's visually appealing search engine.

  • DuckDuckGo

    A Google alternative that does not collect or share personal information.

  • Wolfram Alpha

    A "computational knowledge" engine. Fun.

  • Blippex

    An interesting new search engine that uses data from volunteers to rank pages.

  • CC Search

    Search just Creative Commons-licensed content