ladybug mimic.png


Red ladyBug mimic spider(Paraplectana sp.)

Although it looks strikingly like a ladybug, this spider is actually a classic case of Batesian mimicry. The red body and black spots on real ladybugs warn predators that they have a nasty taste. Spiders don’t actually taste bad but they fool predators into thinking that they do. The color could also serve a sign of danger point blank that animals would instinctively stay away from.

The Ladybug Mimic Spider is a spider in the orb-weaver (Araneidae) family, native to China, Japan, and Taiwan.

 Unlike most spiders, the lady bug mimic spidercan grow from 3-8mm only has four eyes. It also comes in as many colors as the ladybug. It is located in areas such as Singapore. 

The Red Ladybug Mimic Spider is a rare species and are predators to smaller bugs. They scavenge and ambush small insects.