As you read any source, you should think critically about its accuracy, usefulness, and bias. Assessing a source is an art, not a science, but these are the general questions you should think about.


Smart Website Assessment


Where is the story from? Is it reliable? Is it current (and does it matter)? Is there an author? Who are they?


Why do they say so? Are they trying to sell you something? Are they trying to convince you of something? Who paid for someone to write this? Can you tell what their biases are?


How good is the source? Do they know what they are talking about? Do they have expertise? Where did they get their information from? Is it someone's personal site or blog? How did you find the site?


Read carefully. Does it make sense? Is it logical? Are there any obvious errors in facts or conclusions? Are they trying to get an emotional reaction from you? Is the site ugly or broken? Is it possible that this page is satire or parody?


Two-source verification
Double check the information using another source. Look up the organization or publication on Wikipedia. See if you can learn more about the